Life in a foreign country.

When we first moved from South Africa to the UK in 2007, I thought ……as soon as we are settled, I am going to start writing a blog. But time has the funny habit of running away with me. So, after threatening for more than two years to do this……I have now finally done it! Did all the homework, searched for templates, names, etc this past week. And here I am! At last. I am quite excited about this, and I hope that I will have enough interesting stories  to share with you in future.  

Living in a foreign country gives you a whole new perspective on life. You not only have to adjust to the way things are done, get a new job/house/school/doctor, but you also get to know yourself and your family all over again. Because you are not the person you were before the relocation. One does not realize this until much later in the process. We are who we are in the context of our surroundings. We are defined by our relationships, families, friends, jobs, communities, etc. And then, when you move to a new country, you leave all of those things behind. And you have to start all over. You have to learn to cope on your own. No more phoning your parents or a friend when you have a crisis. No more asking your mum to help out with the kids. And, coming from SA, no more cleaning lady……!! (I know most woman who move from SA to another country find this one of the biggest adjustments, we are so spoiled!)

But  you find that you are stronger than you thought you were. Your family grows closer together because you have to rely on each other more than before. And you thank God everyday for the internet, e-mail and Skype that allows you to be in contact with your loved ones far away. Because without it you will be completely lost!