Being a craft-lover

Being a craft-lover or rather a craft-junkie, is not always easy. There is just too little time and way too little money for me to really do everything I would like to do. I love trying out new crafts, but unfortunately I also get bored very easily. Sometimes I will make something new, really like it, but by the second or third item I’m producing………… I’m bored. Then it’s a case of “been there, done that”. This can be such a frustration and makes me end up with lots of half made projects.

However, as the saying goes, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. And boy, do I have one!! Now at this point I have to say, ever since I turned forty a year or maybe two ago (giving away my age here!!) I’ve been doing  a lot of introspection. Obviously, I can write a book about the things I learned about myself these last few years, but for the purpose of this post, let’s just stick to the fact that I’ve finally realized I have a problem when it comes to sticking to some new venture or project.   And now that I know, I am working on it. I really try very hard not to lose interest in something so quickly. I try to finish my projects before I move on to the next one. And I do not allow myself to get caught up in things that I can see beforehand I will not like to do, just for the sake of trying it out.

This also means that I sometimes do a craft, get bored, and then don’t do it again for many years. Until I suddenly see it somewhere or read about it and….off I go again! For instance: I used to do cross stitching……… many, many moons ago.  And a while back I suddenly felt like taking it up again. This might be because of all the nice cross stitching magazines in the news stand!  Then my neighbour’s mum was so kind to send me a few of her cross stitch samples and fabric that she didn’t want to use anymore (she does lovely cross stitching!!) and here I am! I’m doing cross stitching again. And enjoying every moment.  However, as usual, halfway through the first project, I already started paging through all the books and internet sites I could lay my hands on to see what the next project could be. So I had to reign myself in again and make sure I finish off the first project before I can move on to the next. Like I say, I do have a problem.

Now then, maybe I should start working on all those half finished scrapbook pages. That is after I’ve finished the new collages for my website which is taking me forever. Oh, and of course, though the cross stitching is done…..I haven’t completely finished the first project yet……..!