Altered Pin Board

I've altered a basic cork pin board into something lovely for my craft room. I use it to display pretty pictures and postcards. I've done one for the kitchen as well and I'm almost done with one for my bedroom. Then only two more for my boys' rooms, which will obviously not be spruced up and embellished to such an extend! I'll share them all with you at a later stage. Today though, I will show you the one in my craft room.

I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures. If I have to wait for bright sunny days for better lighting, I'll wait forever. Plus, that is one very shiny postcard I have on there!

I used fabric, ribbon, brads, paper flowers and pins that I can hang 
decorations like the key-ring on.

I like to display pretty pictures and
postcards of beautiful far-off places.
And ACEO's, like the ones I created yesterday!

I do like the new look of my pin board!

On a separate topic; I've just started a new blog for my ventures in the miniature world. Feel free to visit me over there any time! 


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