Reuse of CD-cases

Goodness me! The rate time flies at!! I thought I wrote my last post about a week, maybe two weeks ago..... and now I realise it was almost a month!

I've gone through a bit of a rough patch last month, been down and out. It's really hard to stay positive and focussed if nothing seems to work out. But I am feeling much better, and are working very hard again at promoting our businesses and creating new items to sell on my website.

During my "down" time, I really didn't feel like doing any crafts or painting. Then, last week I decided to make something just for fun. For myself. With no pressure of producing it to sell. Thought I would try out something new to get the creative juices flowing again. And so in my search to find a nice project I came across this idea to reuse old cd-cases on the Paper Craft Planet Blog

It was a fun and relaxing project and I will definitely be making more of these as gifts. I used Sweetie Pie Floral and Birds glittered paper from Best Creations. I am absolutely in love with this gorgeous paper!

 This is what my cd-case looks like:

Front cover

Inside, left

Inside, right

Being a craft-lover

Being a craft-lover or rather a craft-junkie, is not always easy. There is just too little time and way too little money for me to really do everything I would like to do. I love trying out new crafts, but unfortunately I also get bored very easily. Sometimes I will make something new, really like it, but by the second or third item I’m producing………… I’m bored. Then it’s a case of “been there, done that”. This can be such a frustration and makes me end up with lots of half made projects.

However, as the saying goes, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. And boy, do I have one!! Now at this point I have to say, ever since I turned forty a year or maybe two ago (giving away my age here!!) I’ve been doing  a lot of introspection. Obviously, I can write a book about the things I learned about myself these last few years, but for the purpose of this post, let’s just stick to the fact that I’ve finally realized I have a problem when it comes to sticking to some new venture or project.   And now that I know, I am working on it. I really try very hard not to lose interest in something so quickly. I try to finish my projects before I move on to the next one. And I do not allow myself to get caught up in things that I can see beforehand I will not like to do, just for the sake of trying it out.

This also means that I sometimes do a craft, get bored, and then don’t do it again for many years. Until I suddenly see it somewhere or read about it and….off I go again! For instance: I used to do cross stitching……… many, many moons ago.  And a while back I suddenly felt like taking it up again. This might be because of all the nice cross stitching magazines in the news stand!  Then my neighbour’s mum was so kind to send me a few of her cross stitch samples and fabric that she didn’t want to use anymore (she does lovely cross stitching!!) and here I am! I’m doing cross stitching again. And enjoying every moment.  However, as usual, halfway through the first project, I already started paging through all the books and internet sites I could lay my hands on to see what the next project could be. So I had to reign myself in again and make sure I finish off the first project before I can move on to the next. Like I say, I do have a problem.

Now then, maybe I should start working on all those half finished scrapbook pages. That is after I’ve finished the new collages for my website which is taking me forever. Oh, and of course, though the cross stitching is done…..I haven’t completely finished the first project yet……..! 

Creating my Facebook fan page

So, I have finally created a facebook fan page for my website. As usual with facebook, the process just HAD to be complicated. I read through the steps beforehand, made sure I understand exactly what to do….but still ended up with a page with the wrong name! So I had to go through the whole process again!

I thought I was just a bit slow, you know, not being the most technologically savvy person around. But once you start googling (does such a word exist?) for solutions with your facebook problems, you realize how many other people are in the same boat.  At least then you don’t feel so incompetent. Now that I have worked through all the teething pains at least I can assist my family and friends when they create pages for their businesses and spare them the frustration and aggravation I had to go through. There are a few points/apps and settings (well, probably a lot) I haven’t figured out yet. I am still in the process of learning everyday. But I’m pretty sure I can at least say I am halfway there and I already have a few fans! 

Next on the list: another huge obstacle to tackle. One that seems to be a thorn in just as many other internet users’ skins……. To find out why on earth I can’t seem to register Google Adsense for my blog!

New Ventures

I have come to the realization that Craft Markets might not be the thing for me. At least not for the immediate future. Maybe I will try them out again later in the year. At the moment I find they are costing me money (stall fee, fuel, etc.) that I simply cannot afford.

Both me and my other half have started up new businesses in the last couple of months. Due to the current economic situation we had absolutely no choice. I’ve been a stay-at-home mum for more than ten years now and have been thinking about setting up my website for more than a year. But, being in a comfort zone with my husband earning a steady salary, I never really got around to it. This however changed over the last few months. Since hubby’s last contract came to an end at the end of March, he hasn’t found new employment yet. Probably because just like him, there are thousands of other IT-specialists also looking for jobs. Unfortunately life does not go to pause while we try to figure something out. We still have two boys to feed, a household to run, rent and the usual bills to pay. So…… we decided to take the plunge and start our own businesses. I have my website where I sell my handcrafted items and artwork, and he has an online pc support website for people who experience problems with their home pc’s and for small businesses. This is remote online help/support. Which means he can assist you wherever you are.

Now the process of promoting and marketing begins. It will do us no good if we do not find clients soon. It’s not always easy to sell yourself/ product/ service to people. You need to convince them to part with their hard earned money. It is even more difficult when you know that the economy is not looking good and everybody is experiencing financial hardship. But you close your eyes, take a deep breath and do what you have to do to survive. You work hard and then you pray and believe. In the end, that is all you can do.

For your personal and small business pc problems, go to : 

Craft Markets

 Over the weekend I had a stall at a local market.  It was a bit quiet, not many customers; most of them just wandering through and I made only one sale….to my neighbour’s daughter! Nonetheless, I am not disheartened.  I am trying out new things and I want to promote my website.  So, at least I handed out a few business cards, you never know. Next Saturday I have a stall at a craft sale in a neighbouring town.  We’ll see how that goes.

 For now I am trying to think of new ideas, new crafts and decorations to make and sell.  I am also working on collages and artwork to expand my current range. All of this in between the normal day to day life of being mum, wife, running the household and feeding the family (especially a growing teenager!).  Now, if I can just figure out where I misplaced my spare time and energy………!

My website!

At last! After many headaches and struggles, a long process and learning a lot of lessons and new things, my website is ready! The current products are mainly meant for children’s rooms. When I first set out with the idea of a website to sell some of my art and crafts, I intended it to be just for children’s rooms. However, as time went by, I decided to broaden the range. So I am working on more products in different styles and in time will add ranges more suitable for teenagers and adults tastes as well. 
You are welcome to have a look at

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Friday my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. This is quite an achievement in today’s day and age and we are very proud of them. Especially for two such strong-willed people! They are good, God-fearing people, wonderful parents, and a great example to me, my brother and sister and our children; but strong-willed nonetheless!

However, they hung in there. Through all the good and bad times, the better and worse, the sweet and the sour. And they made it! In doing so they set the bar quite high for us children. We still have a long way to go before we get to the 50 year mark, but with the Grace of God – which my parents will tell you is all that saw them through – hopefully we will make it. 

With both me and my sister living overseas, we unfortunately missed out on all the festivities and yesterday’s family gathering. So to keep all the emotions at bay I tried to keep busy, doing what I normally find lots of excuses NOT to do...... tidying my craft room of course! 

A new beginning

It’s been some time since I started this blog, wrote my first post......and then disappeared. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean.  After my first post, all those many moons ago, I experienced bloggers block. Very funny, write one post, and then....... nothing!  And so the days became weeks and the weeks months. And somewhere along the way I even forgot I had a blog. Then last week I decided, this is not good, I really wanted to blog, I need to figure this thing out for myself and get going. So, here I am again. Hopefully this time round I will do a better job.

For now I will begin by adding photos of my art and crafts. I am working on a website to sell some of my handcrafted items and artwork. I hope it will be up and running soon and will place the link here.  In the meantime, wish me luck!