My website!

At last! After many headaches and struggles, a long process and learning a lot of lessons and new things, my website is ready! The current products are mainly meant for children’s rooms. When I first set out with the idea of a website to sell some of my art and crafts, I intended it to be just for children’s rooms. However, as time went by, I decided to broaden the range. So I am working on more products in different styles and in time will add ranges more suitable for teenagers and adults tastes as well. 
You are welcome to have a look at

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Friday my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. This is quite an achievement in today’s day and age and we are very proud of them. Especially for two such strong-willed people! They are good, God-fearing people, wonderful parents, and a great example to me, my brother and sister and our children; but strong-willed nonetheless!

However, they hung in there. Through all the good and bad times, the better and worse, the sweet and the sour. And they made it! In doing so they set the bar quite high for us children. We still have a long way to go before we get to the 50 year mark, but with the Grace of God – which my parents will tell you is all that saw them through – hopefully we will make it. 

With both me and my sister living overseas, we unfortunately missed out on all the festivities and yesterday’s family gathering. So to keep all the emotions at bay I tried to keep busy, doing what I normally find lots of excuses NOT to do...... tidying my craft room of course! 

A new beginning

It’s been some time since I started this blog, wrote my first post......and then disappeared. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean.  After my first post, all those many moons ago, I experienced bloggers block. Very funny, write one post, and then....... nothing!  And so the days became weeks and the weeks months. And somewhere along the way I even forgot I had a blog. Then last week I decided, this is not good, I really wanted to blog, I need to figure this thing out for myself and get going. So, here I am again. Hopefully this time round I will do a better job.

For now I will begin by adding photos of my art and crafts. I am working on a website to sell some of my handcrafted items and artwork. I hope it will be up and running soon and will place the link here.  In the meantime, wish me luck!