Reuse boxes and containers

Let’s face it…. there are some gorgeous storage boxes and containers that you can buy in the shops and online! However if you can’t afford/ refuse to pay those sometimes unreasonable prices/ simply hate this wasteful culture we have developed; you only have to search the internet to see all the wonderful and inspiring ideas on reusing boxes and containers.

I found this lovely wrapping paper at my local Asda last year, the perfect colours for my craft room. So I made sure I bought enough rolls of paper before they sold out. I usually stick plain brown paper to the inside of the wrapping paper before I cover something. Simply because whatever is printed on the box tends to show through my wrapping paper and the brown paper also prevents the wrapping paper from tearing to easily.

Here are some of the boxes and containers that I covered. I use stuff I have in the house like shoe boxes, cereal boxes, Pringle and porridge containers, tissue boxes, etc. And of course I cover my lever-arch files with the same paper!


I got my inspiration for the tissue box when I came across this lovely box. I found the link to a video tutorial, but you can also find it here. I used left over scrapbook paper for mine and I absolutely love how it turned out! I will definitely be covering more of these!

What interesting reuses do you have for stuff like boxes and containers? I reuse glass containers and bottles too, will tell you more about that on another day! 

Until next time, keep well!