I feel a craftroom make-over coming on...

I've found this absolutely gorgeous (yes I use this word a LOT, sorry!!) roll of wallpaper at a charity shop last week - for 50p! I kid you not! The moment I laid eyes on it I fell in love.

Needless to say I now want to cover everything and anything in the house that's not moving, with it! haha I'm going to use it to give my craftroom a much needed make-over. I do have a slight problem though, as I've already covered some boxes and files with this paper:

However, as the main colour scheme will be shades of teal and pink, I will try to find a way of incorporating both the wallpaper and the wrapping paper. If you have any suggestions, please do share them with me?

I must admit, I could do with a sunny day here in the UK now! I need to take pictures of some projects I would like to share with you, but judging from the quality of these pictures, it will have to wait!

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