Vintage finds and Aromatherapy Oils

Hello everyone!

Hope you're doing well and that life is treating you kind!

I had a terrible cold last week which ended in inflammation, and me feeling slightly sorry for myself. So after a visit to the Dr's, I thought I'd quickly drop by the charity shop to see if I can find something to cheer me up a bit. They did not disappoint! I found this gorgeous table cloth for just 50p and the card with buttons for 10p. An absolute bargain and I love them! I'm no expert, but they look pretty Vintage to me!

As I might have mentioned in the past, I love using Aromatherapy Oils. So, when I won a voucher to use towards a purchase a few weeks ago over at Beesy Does It with Ecomum-wikaniko, I immediately knew what I wanted to order. Aromatherapy Oils of course! Seeing as we all had colds at that stage and I'm fresh out of oils at the moment! I ordered Lavender - which I've been using for many years - and Marjoram. This is the first time I'm using Marjoram, but as it is recommended for Arthritis, I thought I'd give it a try. No complaints so far, it seems to be working well! Wikaniko's service is excellent and though I haven't used any of their other products yet, I can highly recommend their Aromatherapy Oils. It's good quality oils and their prices are great!

Do you use Aromatherapy Oils? Which one is your favourite?


Disclosure: I was not asked to, nor did I receive any compensation or products to write this review. I'm sharing this information with you purely because I like the products and I do like a good recommendation myself.

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