Your children's art - make something special

What do you do with all your children’s artwork? I’m very sentimental and just cannot bring myself to throw anything away. So a few years ago I got myself one of those A3 Art Folders. I wrote their names and the dates at the back of their masterpieces and put it all in there. I must admit, even though they don’t do that much art at the moment (teenage boys have "better things" to do, ha-ha), it is now filled to the brim and the time has come for me to buy another folder. This is actually a good thing, because then I can sort everything and put each child’s art in his own folder.

But I don’t store all my children’s art. I do display some of it. It really gives them a sense of pride, seeing something they made on display in the house. Now what if your child has created something really nice, but impractical to display? Why not adapt it into something new? Last year my youngest made this mask for a school project. I loved how it turned out and decided to keep it safe until I could figure out what to do with it and where to display it. (A lot of glitter and bling here!!)

Well, now I have figured it out! Seeing as I’m changing the colour scheme in my bedroom (see post) and one of the new colours is gold, it’s the perfect opportunity to use the mask! 

All the items I used, I already had, so basically no cost here.
I used:
An old A4 size frame, painted gold long time ago.
Textured, handmade scrapbook paper (cut to fit the frame)
Sheet music – found on the internet, printed, stained with coffee, and cut into shape once I've decided on my layout.
Lace – also stained with coffee.
String of beads/pearls.

Whenever I’m planning to  use something  that is stained with coffee in a project, I do the staining ahead of time to ensure it dries properly and the coffee smell disappears completely.

I played around with the layout until I was happy with it (much like scrap booking), put it all together in the frame, glued the pearls onto the front of the glass, and voila! The end result:

I'm going to love seeing this up on my wall!

Until next time, have fun decorating with your children's art!