Decoupage project

So, it’s Friday…. again! I know, I have been complaining a lot about this time flying “thing” lately. I’m really trying not to focus on it so much, but it is hard when every time I blink….. it’s Friday again! Anyhoooo,it started raining about three weeks ago here in the UK, and it has been going on and off since then, not a day without rain. Sunshine one moment, dark clouds and pouring rain the next.  Man, this  weather really gets to me (and my family) sometimes!

Today I’m not in the mood for anything specific (most definitely not work in any case, ha-ha). It’s one of those – keeping busy, but not really doing anything - days! So I’ve decided to see if I can finish my decoupage project which I started a few weeks ago. I haven’t done decoupage in ages, so I’m really enjoying it.  Fact is, halfway through I got stuck and I’ve only just decided what exactly I want to do with it. It’s a reuse project, so I’m only using items I already have in the home. I will show you the finished product once I’m done. Here are some of the materials. Isn't this the most gorgeous serviette? 

What fun things are you all up to this weekend?