Drop-down menu issues

Ahhhh, it's me and my lack of computer knowledge again!! But I'm working on it, and even if I have to say so myself, I have come a long way! It seems the drop-down menu that I've installed (with lots of trials and errors) last week, are causing some issues in different browsers.  I've tested it and for some unknown reason, in Internet Explorer, the menu opens behind the blogpost, although it still works. And the text of the menu bar also jumps from one font to another when you open the page.

In Google Chrome everything seems to work fine, but in Firefox the Amazon ads and list of followers don't show. I apologize for what must look very unprofessional to all you lovely readers who visit my blog regularly! I will try to sort this out as soon as possible.

That's the internet and pc's for you! Never know what it's going to throw at you next!

Keep well!