Notepad and decorated pencil for my kitchen

How are all you lovely people? It's a gorgeous, bright, sunny day here in our part of the UK today, for which we are always greatfull!

I finally got around to making the notepad and decorated pencil that I wanted for my kitchen, and I'd like to share it with you. I used a piece of cardboard as the base and glued white card to both sides to give it a smooth finish. I then covered the front with scrapbook paper (blue gingham pattern that I've used for other projects in my kitchen as well), and stuck it to the back with double sided tape. I made holes (with some odd tools, but it was to thick to fit in my hole punch), added ribbon, and Bob's your uncle! For the notes, I just cut paper in the required size and glued them on top of each other with a glue stick. If you use only a little bit of glue, the pages tear off easily.

The yellow of the pencil worked well, as I do have TINY splashes of yellow in my kitchen. I used wire to attach the handbag brad (representing the fact that it's for my shopping list), prettied it up with some ribbon and a flower, and that was it. I'm quite happy with how this quick and easy craft project turned out, and it looks great in the kitchen! Now when anyone uses the last of something, they write it on the list immediately.

I think it looks cute! What do you think?

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