Give me a button, or two.... or 200!!

I guess the title of this post says it all...... I looooooove buttons. I have no explanation for this "thing" I have for buttons, all I can say is I just love them!! The colours, the shapes, the sizes. Buttons makes me happy. (Yeah, sound a bit off-the-road there I know, but it is what it is!) Will this be a good time to tell you I hardly ever do any sewing? I use my buttons mainly for crafts (as in gluing them to something) and to look pretty in jars in my craftroom! My stash has dwindled a bit, but I'm working on that.....!

Some older buttons I've collected over the years

Buttons I bought from The Works. Their price is usually just right!! 

And buttons I found at Hobbycraft on Saturday. At the bargain price of £1 in their valuecrafts range!
I'm crazy about that BIG red one!

And of course they look pretty in (reuse) glass jars.

Do any of you have a thing for buttons, or maybe something else like ribbon (don't get me started) or stamps?

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