A Wilderness in my backyard

This constant rain is really driving me up the walls! It's half-term and suppose to be summer, but my poor children are locked up in the house and we even have the central heating on. Why? Because it's been raining on and off for days now! Again!

We barely had summer so far this year. Just a few nice days last week. So, less than two weeks ago, our garden looked like this:

No, I'm not showing you these pictures to scare you with the grass where I do believe a lion could've been hiding in....... I wanted to show you the cute Daisies and Buttercups that grows in my garden! Aren't they sweet? I always feel so sorry to cut them, but to get rid of the grass there is no other way! So, last weekend while my husband was mowing the lawn, the boys quickly picked me some Daisies to savour for a few more days:

Needless to say, with all this rain  I'm pretty sure I can hear the grass growing! ha-ha It almost looks the same again! Hope you're having fun, whatever the weather where you are!