Make your own: Room Freshener

You know me, I'm all for reuse/ up-cycle/ make your own. So here is how I make my own room freshener.

What you need:
*A glass jar - It can be a pretty decorative jar, mason jar, or even a food jar, properly cleaned. Like the one  I'm using here.
*Bicarbonate of soda  (Baking soda)
*Aroma therapy oil
*Something to cover the jar if you so prefer. You can leave it open if you're going to hide it high on a shelf  where tiny hands can't reach it...... Or you can cover it with a lid or even foil, in which you made a few holes. I bought some doilies a while back at the charity shop and I'm using one of those today.

And here's the absolutely easiest steps ever:
1. Put some bicarbonate of soda in the jar.
2. Add a few drops of your favourite aromatherapy oil.
3. Cover with the lid/foil/doily.
4. Pretty it up and voila! Your own room freshener.

I find it best to give the jar a little shake everyday to release the fragrance again. Add more drops when needed. You can also use this as a carpet freshener.

One last tip:
To get rid of odours in your refrigerator just leave a small, open container with Bicarbonate of Soda in the fridge. It absorbs all the nasty smells. Just replace every few weeks. 

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