Back on track

Well, after being ill for two weeks, I'm finally seeing the light again, so to speak!!! After about a week I realised this was a long-term cold, so I decided to just go with the flow and sit (more like lie) it out. Maybe my body just needed a proper rest? To keep busy I did some reading, crocheting and of course watched the Olympics. I borrowed no less than 11 books from my friend and neighbour to read over the holiday! So far I've read two. I have the tendency to read until the early morning hours, so If I do not pace myself, I will never sleep! I loved Homecoming by Cathy Kelly.

I also took up crochet......again! I say again because every 6 months or so I begin to crochet and a few weeks later I "forget" about it again. Those ever-present half finished projects! I'm trying to finish a scarf I started many moons ago and I've just started a cushion I want to make for our living room.

However, all this lying around is now a thing of the past, and as you can imagine, I'm swamped! The house is a mess and I am way behind with all my other work, like the swap I signed up for ages ago, my blogs, Facebook page, websites, stock for my sites, etc. If you see dust clouds in the air over the next week or so here in the UK........ don't fret, it's just me getting a grip on everything....... again! 

If you love shoes (like I do) please visit my new blog . It's all about the shoes over there! 

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 Until next time, keep well!