Books, books and more books

I think it would be quite fair to say I am a book-a-holic! I have a serious thing for books. Maybe a bit of an obsession.........! Old/vintage books, new books, fiction, non-fiction, different topics.............. simply L.O.V.E. books!! There's that vintage feel of the older book, the fascination with the road the book might have travelled before ending up on my shelve. And then there's that new book smell - nothing beats it! Needless to say my house is filled with books, seeing as my husband and youngest son shares this love of books with me.

We are members of the local library and it is not unusual for me and my youngest to spend two or three hours there on a Saturday. Although my oldest son does not share our love for books per se, he does read a lot of newspapers and sport related articles on the internet. Especially anything to do with rugby and athletics! And we could easily forget about time when we're in a bookshop or library! Not to mention a charity shop filled with hundreds of books at such great prices!

These are the books I have on loan from the library at the moment:

Not my best pictures ever, I have to admit! Nevertheless, they're all great books, but my favourite is Thriftychic. Don't you just love a good d├ęcor book? With great tips and ideas that will not break the bank? Well, this is one of those.  Papercraft and Paper Sculpt Sensations are a paper crafter's paradise. 

Teashop Treats is a cute little recipe book with al kinds of sweet and savoury treats! But the one I'm thinking of actually buying is Compendium of Crochet Techniques. I can do a bit of basic crochet, as mentioned in my previous post, but I'm in the mood to learn more techniques and would like to try different projects (and hopefully finish it!!)  

Are you reading any interesting books at the moment?

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