These are the difficult days!

If you live far from your family (I'm not talking an hour or two's drive, I'm talking thousands of miles here) then you will know that the high days and holidays are the difficult ones. The special events, the birthdays (both yours and theirs) and the Christmases.......!

Today is such a day. It's my mother's birthday and it's one of the hardest days of the year for me to get through, and what makes it worst, is the knowledge that it's difficult for her too. Knowing that she misses us on her birthday and would have loved to have us there. That being said, it is good to know she still celebrates properly with friends and family, having lots of tea and cake! Mmmmm.... we're missing out on that calorie-laden cake table!

But, we always try to make the best of things, keep the spirits up! We are grateful that we all still have each other and at least we have e-mail, e-cards and Skype. We can keep in contact with all of them everyday, and especially on their birthdays!

Now, while I can say a lot of nice things about both my parents and my In-laws, today's post is dedicated to my mum. Because it's her birthday of course, and because she is always there for me, supports me in everything I do and she's such a good mother and grandmother to us all!


Do you live far from your family? How do you cope with those "wish we were there" days? Personally, I see to it that I have a LOT of work and/or fun crafty things to do to keep me busy all day. Keep the mind occupied you know! 

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