The tree is up!

And by that, I literally mean….. just the tree is up. No decorations yet! While the rest of the world seems to be crafting, grafting, creating, selling and shopping ……decorating and planning, I'm still trying to cope with the normal day to day stuff!

My youngest is swamped with homework and school projects, and now he is ill as well. 

My oldest is busy with his GCSE’s, so it’s crunch time now - practical exams next week, mocks in January, etc. (Is this a good time to mention he has a great dislike in studying and needs a LOT of motivation??) Add to that the pressure of having to choose subjects for A-levels and/ or whether he will maybe decide to do something else like apprenticeship!

Oh…. and my husband is also studying for an upcoming IT-exam!! And so I can continue… though, I thought I'll spare you any more dirty details!

What can I say? It’s really not beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here. However, we've finally brought down the tree and decorations from the loft yesterday and though in my tired, stressed out state it will probably take me a lot longer than usual, I am making progress with the Christmas decorations.

I hope things are much brighter wherever you are and whatever you’re doing today!! And I promise to be more cheerful in my next post, just needed to get this of my chest!! Have a great day everyone!

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