DIY Ribbon Storage

So I saw this brilliant idea on Pinterest for ribbon storage earlier this week and I knew at last what I'm going to do with all the empty hot chocolate containers that I saved!! How clever is this??

I store most of my ribbon in glass jars, but I have these few rolls of ribbon and I've been wondering how to display them for a while now.

I can't cut straight to save my own life I tell you! So I had to prettify it a bit to hide my edges! I covered them in the same wallpaper I use to cover everything in my craft room. What do you think? I quite like how it turned out!

If you'd like to see where I got the idea from, you can find it on Pinterest here; or the original source here.

 Recycled Ribbon Holder... use an oatmeal container. I have just ordered a number of rolls of beading wire. I hope they will be of the right size to fit into a companion oatmeal box. SO COOL!


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    1. Isn't it clever Rita? I'm thinking with lace and flowers it will be even prettier!

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